May 2019

Last Thursday, May 16, the II International Scientific Conference of Students and Postgraduates “Modern problems of foreign trade activity management” took place at the The Russian Foreign Trade Academy.

ChemPartners were invited to share their own experiences based on current trends. The conference serves as a platform for conducting scientific discussions on modern problems of the theory and practice of management and marketing in foreign economic areas, allowing students and post-graduate students to communicate with representatives of companies participating in the market and immersed in the world of foreign trade. The conference brought together representatives from several countries, including China, Korea and Germany.

Head of sales division Samer Hazime presented to the audience a 20-minute report on "Some modern aspects of foreign economic activity with Southeast Asian countries on the example of “ProPartners Group” ", about general description of ProPartners and some pitfalls, which could be faced on every stage of business process. In an interactive mode, Samer offered some business cases, discussing with the audience the solutions they proposed, after it he told how it was realized in reality by ChemPartners.


After the plenary session, the conference participants dispersed in 6 specialized sections, continuing the discussion of narrower problems.

ChemPartners have a great experience speaking at various levels of conferences, we hope that the number of employees representing the company at such events will grow.

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