July 2019

A new training course, or more precisely, facilitation (professional organization of the process and space for creating a common understanding or decision making by the group) on the topic “Internal Customer focus” began at the ChemPartners Training Center.

Now only the first part of the course has been launched, which is available only in a few groups. The main goal of such trainings is to show employees that, without helping your colleague, you are affecting not him, but an external client. For the first part of the training tasks are:

  • Get acquainted with the theory of internal customer focus;  
  • Identify the pain, and then build solutions that will improve the interaction between departments.

The successful first seminar was held by Maria Lukyanova, as always in a non-standard interactive memorable way. Further, the course will be expanded and it may become available for external trainings for the company's partners. In addition, you can order the training for your company's employees by our specialists. Please send applications for e-mail: education@propartners.ru, or call: +7 (495) 215-55-79.

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