January 2020

Sai ChemPartners India, an Indian division of ChemPartners, together with Smart Green Line, are promoting the unique Green Sand development on the fertilizer market.

The Smart Green Line company implements its own unique technologies for agriculture processing using rare natural Ionites, activated according to the author’s technology (RosNedra and RosGeo awords: “For achievements in solving fundamental and applied problems of geology”, for 2010) and Biotech Prize (for 2016). (Ionites are minerals, insoluble substances of natural origin, capable of ion exchange).

The main material Green Sand - is mined and enriched / activated in the most environmentally friendly place in Russia. The deposit is of an international level, with reserves of hundreds of millions of tons.

Green Sand is a source of Natural Potassium, certified in the USA and Canada for organic farming. It works like mineral Ionite due to ion-exchange properties. Chlorine-free potash fertilizer. It does not dissolve in water; it has been used as a natural potash fertilizer for land reclamation and restoration of soil fertility. Green Sand is used in agriculture to solve many problems:

1. Source of potassium for organic farming; 

2. Without chlorine and water insoluble - acts in the soil from 2 to 4 years; 

3. Preserves soil biota in hot climates; 

4. Acts as an inhibitor of nitrates, promotes denitrification; 

5. Contains 86 microelements in an easily accessible form for plants;

With Green Sand high output can be achieved without applying mineral fertilizers that are produced chemically. This mineral complex will allow you to gain high quantity and quality progress with natural means. 

You can check the application schemes and other details with the managers by phone +7 (495) 215-55-79 or by e-mail  ask@propartners.ru.

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