January 2020

The exhibition "MVC: Grain-Feed-Veterinary Medicine-2020" at VDNH ended.

Today, at the pavilion No. 75 of VDNH, the jubilee ХХV International specialized trade and industrial exhibition “MVC: Grain-Feed-Veterinary-2020”, which for three days brought together agricultural experts from around the world to discuss the most pressing industry issues, ended.

The event was attended by 456 companies from 24 countries, including representatives from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the USA, Japan and others.

ChemPartners took part in the exhibition, offering their solutions. Products offered for farms, agro-complexes and feed mills in the line of ChemPartners represent only high-quality and competitive positions. Colleagues met with our current partners and received applications from new potential customers.

See you at new exhibitions!

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