A new product for Russian oil industry – Ferrocene(dicyclopentadienyl ferrum which is octane boosting additive) is launched after thorough quality tests and suppliers selecting in China. The ferrocene will be sold in Russia to wholesalers only.

OJSC “KB “PETRO-AERO-BANK is chosen as a new financial partner of the Company.

Dynamic development of the bank during last few years and flexible approach to key clients were base for the choice. Thus, since now there are two banks serving ChemPartners in Russia –  CITIBANK and PETRO-AERO BANK.

As a main result of Gaurav Sood trip to India there are new important agreements with two leading producers of Monochloroacetic Acid (MCAA) and Sodium Monochloroacetate; ChemPartners are major importer of MCA and SMCA into Russia and CIS and we hope that new suppliers will help us to guarantee more steady and stable shipments.

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