ChemPartners launch internal “Stabilisation Plan”. As per Dr. Constantin Rzaev (Senior Partner) saying the plan was created and is to be executed due to very rapid growth of the Company’s product portfolio, clients’ base and turnover in 2003. “In 2004 we want firstly to fix and enforce what we had achieved in 2003 and create a reliable platform for next major step up in 2nd half of 2004 & 2005. Due to that we will be very carefully taking new projects for realization and will stick to improvement of existing shipments, clients and markets. The plan includes four directions: Project Planning Improvement, Unified Payments Procedures, Financial Security and HR Development and is to be realized within First Quarter of 2004”. 

Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) is now supplied by ChemPartners too. After deep research in terms of quality and stability of suppliers in India and China we are ready to offer for CIS customers a few grades of KOH like technical and pure at the very competitive conditions.

Shipments of Polyester Fiber (PSF) by ChemPartners into CIS countries are very likely to be increased in 2004. The reasons are lack of quantities with MogilevKhimvolokno (The only PSF producer in CIS) and new clients we got during 2003. Due to the above ChemPartners are interested in new reliable and competitive suppliers of PSF; any offers will be much welcomed in Moscow office. Currently we source PSF both virgin and regenerated qualities from Korea, Thailand, China and India.





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