Summer STAFF PARTY took place on… 9th of September. Traditional corporate day off usually set in   summer was moved to September due to number of reasons. But nobody has noticed it on this sunny warm day: steam-ship «FLAGMAN», set of competitions and presentations, the conjurer and visitors from India, dances on the open deck under neon lights of night Moscow.

A new product in September – Sebacic acid. The deliveries for two largest consumers in Russia were successfully completed. We invite all users with volume of regular monthly need to the specified product from 1 ton to formation of the application pool for cooperation on deliveries from a warehouse in the following year on the best conditions.

The key event of September for all the organizations seriously and professionally engaged into chemical business – the CHEMISTRY-2005 international exhibition. This year ChemPartners became the only company which launched two Conferences during the Fair: on high-tech grades of CMC and MCC from India (together with  Reliance Cellulose Products Limited) and on enzymes (together with NPF «Technochim» and BIOCON India Ltd.). You can brief about Conferences in September release of «Chemical Journal» or load press releases - CMC and enzymes(a few pictures from the exhibition)

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