MARCH 2005

MARCH 2005

Women’s Day – traditionally key staff party with ChemPartners – this Year started in Curling Club. The programme consisted of learning the rules of the new game, different team competitions, lots of food and drinks and – of course – fun (best pictures of “8 March Party”).

ChemPartners turnover in March had exceeded 3.5 million dollars.

ChemPartners participate in the “Paints and Varnishes 2005” international exhibition (“Interlakokraska 2005”) for third time (pictures from the Fair).

Participation in the Exhibition allowed us to promote our strong positions such as phthalocyanine pigments (India), ferrioxide & lead-chromate pigments (China) as well as to present our new product - micronized marble (microcalcite). The calcite was launched under new brand “Ural Calcite” in cooperation with RusInTech company (Ekaterinburg). The Ural Calcite is characterized with high purity and whiteness. The new calcite developed for paint industry was presented on special Conference (materials of the Conference).

Our strategic long-term partners from ShriChloChem Ltd., India and Hunan Three-Ring Pigments Co., Ltd., China attended the Fair too and were also presented on our booth.

ChemPartners’ new product in March – Sebasic Acid

ChemPartners take part in the Program of regional seminars and conferences organized by ZAO “NPF TechnoChem” – our strategic partner in organic and inorganic pigments promotion on the Russia and CIS market. The conference for “The new range of pigments for paints and coatings, polymers and Masterbatch” was held on March, 24 in Saint-Petersburg. During this conference ChemPartners introduced the newest product of ShriChlochem Ltd., India – complex addition (superdispersant and synergetic) for water and organic solvent paints & polymers. These products provide equal dispersion of pigments with emulsion, improve paints and coatings rheological qualities and also highly increase the paints and coatings output by ability to process bigger amounts of pigments using the same equipment at the same period of time. The last property is highly useful for paints and coatings manufactures during spring-summer periods when plants capacities are used for almost 100% and it’s impossible to immediately increase the capacity. It’s also good in off-season when most of the lines are preserved and there is no any opportunity to work out a sudden order for the product.

Presentation of additives made by Dr. Valarivan Rutrapatkhi, our India reside specialist, raised a great interest among technologists of leading paints & coatings producers and polymers processing factories of North-West of Russia. You can learn more about the presentation here.


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