APRIL 2005

APRIL 2005

Chempartners launch the “Garbage Storm” action with the aim to supply our Tver located factory with  base raw materials – waste PET bottles. The target is to increase purchases of PET waste up to 600-800 tons till the end of2005. Some 200.000 are planned to invest into this program.

ChemPartners turnover for first Quarter 2005 has reached 10 million dollars.

Top-level-negotiations with Hunan Three-Ring Pigments Co., Ltd., shareholders and management took part in ChangSha (China). Due to ChemPartners increasing import of ferrooxide pigments produced by the factory we needed to find a compromise solution regarding schedule and volume of deliveries.

Record quantity of sodium hypochlorite was shipped in April. Supplies of SHC are carried in special titanium road-tanks produced under special order of ChemPartners-Russia in March of 2004.

First tons of ferrioxide pigments are sold from warehouse in Bulgaria. The stock in Sophia was opened in 2004 by ChemPartners together with Balkan Consult Commerce (BCC). The BCC became our new strategic partner in Balkan regions last year.

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