JUNE 2005

JUNE 2005

New products for Russian market in June: Paraaminophenol,KOH (potassium hydroxide) and DPO (di-phenyloxide).

ChemPartners place an irrevocable Offer to buy most types of PET waste including PET flakes (crushed PET bottles, including unsorted and dirty), pre-form manufacturing waste, PET lumps, bottling rejects, dump bottle etc. To offer the above products please contact Moscow office.

Total amount of polypropylene supplies exceeded 2400 Mt in June 2005. The brands shipped for Russian market were LIPOL (Ukraine) & TURKPLENE (Turkmenistan). Accordingly, the recent single-shipment record (STPP to Syria) was broken and now is 1,3M of USD.

New products in July: Thiuram and Zimate.

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