June 2013

Within the matter of partnership with the largest European factories ChemPartners offers regranulated polymers produced by European manufacturers – a brand-new product for the Russian market.

Due to the scientific approach and strict quality control of the basic materials, the pellets by the end of a production cycle practically represent a complete analog of the Russian primary production. Quality Certificates are available for each lot of regranulated products as well as for primary ones. For each product item a technical data sheet is provided that guarantees minimum batch-to batch parameter spread as well as absence of out-of-standard indices.

The product range is represented by high-impact polystyrene available in black, grey, white and charcoal color. Within the secondary HDPE product line you will find polymers suitable for the production of geosynthetics, plastic pipes and various containers. Co- and homopolymers of polypropylene are also available for supply.

We look forward to help you match virtually any primary LDPE, HDPE, PP and HIPS analogue.

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