June 2013

ChemPartners Company is pleased to announce some news concerning the development of raw materials for polyurethane industry supply.

This spring we began the supply of trichloropropylphosphate (TCPP) which is used as a flame retardant in production of rigid polyurethane foam, polyurethane foam and other products. In addition to TCPP such flame retardants as trichloroethylphosphate (TCEP) and triethylphosphate (TEP) are available to our customers at competitive prices.

We also expand the range of polyether polyols supplied that are used in production of rigid and flexible polyurethane foams and CASE segment products such as glues, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. Our product line is represented by the following polyols analogues:

  • Laprol 373
  • Voranol CP 450
  • 490 Propol
  • Voranol 490
  • Voranol 1010L
  • Voranol CP 1055
  • Voranol 2000
  • Lapromol 294

Should you have the demand for the polyurethane industry raw materials please contact us – we will match a high-quality equivalent in accordance with your requirements. Your every question concerning supply of such chemicals is welcomed by:

  • Alexandra Kilyashova: +7 (495) 710-86-42 (ext. 315)
  • Ekaterina Khripunkova: +7 (495) 710-86-42 (ext. 312)

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