Coagulants are the chemicals that accelerate adhesion process in water treatment at impact of fine particulates and thus increase the precipitation rate and gel formation.

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Aluminium polyoxychloride

ChemPartners JSC offers a brand-new product – next generation eco-friendly Aluminium polyoxychloride coagulant. (Polyaluminum hydrochloride Aln(OH)mCl(3n-m))x, where n>13)

This inorganic cationic polymeric coagulant has complex compound-forming properties and thus is able to provide a high degree of water purification.

The benefits of using aluminum polyoxychloride:

  • Four to five less coagulant dosage (20-25 % of the amount of aluminum sulphate),
  • Practically does not change the pH of the treated water, which eliminates the need to neutralize the alkaline agents,
  • Has a wider pH operating range,
  • Has a greater ability to polymerize that accelerates flocculation and coagulated slurry precipitation,
  • Ensures the highest water purification efficiency from suspended solids and metals,
  • Can be used at lower water temperatures than aluminum sulfate (at temp. lower than +4-8oC),
  • Reduces the water corrosivity (no excess sulphates),
  • Provides a low residual aluminum content,
  • Non-caking capacity and a longer service life,
  • Ensures improved sanitary conditions, reduced labor and operating costs.

Aluminum polyoxychloride 18% (Finland)

ChemPartners are the official distributor of “Kemira Eco” JSC (the largest in the Northwest region of Russia and the world leading producer of coagulants). The liquid coagulant we offer has a high purity to ensure raw and sewage water purification.

We recommend the following applications:

  • Boiler water cleaning (steam electric and thermoelectric power stations),
  • Water purification during the bottom dredging operations.

For more information on this product please use the links below:

  • Technical Data Sheet (TDS),
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS),
  • Hygeine Certificate (HS).

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