ChemPartners are proud to offer the MetaCem – the active aluminosilicate puzzolanic additive obtained by pure kaolin calcination. It reacts chemically with calcium hydroxide eventually forming a calcium silicate and hydroaluminates. Unlike numerous puzzolanic additives which, in fact, are the industrial waste products, MetaCem is thoroughly cleaned and performs as 100% active product. Being a finely dispersed puzzolane, MetaCem has smaller particle size than that of an Ordinary Portland Cement and thus is able to replace such industrial waste as microsilica. Due to a wide range of benefits metakaolin is already in a commercial use in a number of countries around the world. MetaCem in conjunction with Ordinary Portland Cement considerably improves the following properties:

  • Increases the compression and bending resistance,
  • Increases chemical resistance,
  • Reduces permeability,
  • Prevents silicate-alkaline reaction,
  • Reduces efflorescence and shrinkage.

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