Redispersible polymeric powder REX 601

Product description

REX 601 is a redispersible polymeric powder based on vilyl acetate copolymer, ethylene-acrylic ester. REX 601 modified construction solution shows improved performance characteristics:

  • adhesion strength,
  • flexural strength,
  • water-resistance,
  • weather-resistance.

Product specification

Appearance: white free-flowing powder.

Bulk density: 400-600 g / l.

Moisture: < 2%.

pH value: 7.0-9.0

Glass transition temperature: - 6 °C.

Minimum film forming temperature: 0 °C


Used in a dry building mixes REX 601 helps achieve higher flexibility and mobility in production of mastic compounds, waterproof tiles and various adhesives.

Amount recommended: 1-5% of dry mortar.

Packing and Storage

REX 601 is available in 25 kg paper bags with polyethylene liners. Other packaging types are available upon your request.

REX 601 shall be stored in sealed containers in a dry place at temperature below 30 °C for no longer than 6 months.