Pulp & paper industries traditionally are the largest starch consumers due to specific properties, relatively low cost and sustainability of resources used for starch production. Various stages of papermaking require particular starch types:

  • hydrophilic agents that during the grinding process increases cellulose fiber swelling as well as flexibility and elasticity and contributes to additional interfiber bonds formation,
  • anionic and cationic starches are used to improve paper strength and elasticity as well as to impart fracture and abrasive resistance and ensure filler retention,
  • oxidized or carboxylated starch is used to improve paper’s appearance and printing properties,
  • in chalking or coating applications the starch serves as a component of both coating and adhesive layers,
  • in cardboard manufacturing the starch is used for paper sizing and corrugated sheets bonding.

ChemPartners offer a wide range of starches for pulp & paper industry.

Our starches’ features:

  1. Low impurity content.
  2. High adhesive strength.
  3. High solubility.
  4. Low concentration.

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